About Brian

Brian is husband to Carol, father to Hannah, Sam, & Caleb, & Next Steps Pastor at Westside Family Church.

Brian loves to hang out with his family & friends, play Texas Hold’Em, golf, & fish.

Brian’s passion, apart from his family, is to help people discover & develop the spiritual DNA God has planted in them… bringing significance to them and honor to God.



“Jesus’ Mission… not community… is the primary value of small groups. Jesus never invited his disciples to grab a latte & study the Torah, He recruited them to change the world.”

“Discipleship is leading people to optimize their character and calling for maximum kingdom IMPACT.”

“Lord, let me never think of myself more than I ought… but let me never dare underestimate who you can become through me.”


4 responses to About Brian


    Love the idea but a little weirded out by the picture of you with no feet over to the right! 🙂 You going to use this to help spread FM and DM? I’m trying to figure out the best way to share my PASS stuff. Want to get it into the hands of as many men and churches as possible!


    Like the Website, Bro!


    Def. On Target. each One of Us IS a Masterpiece created by God. We all have a purpose… Sometimes only known to Him.
    “Pray and Listen…..”

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